Hamilton offers over a dozen financial incentive programs including a unique “Hamilton Made” program offering interest-free loans based on 25% of the cost-to-construct budget to a maximum of $4 million per development. Financial incentives are offered in the form of municipal programs (more details below) but also available are Innovation, Training & Employment, and Energy Efficiency programs.


Several financial incentive programs are exclusive to businesses located within Business Improvement Areas. These incentive programs are provided in the form of loans and grants to assist with various costs associated with development in Downtown Hamilton, Community Downtowns, Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), the Mount Hope/Airport Gateway, and the commercial corridors as identified in the Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Project Area By-law.


For properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, there are further financial incentives. Municipal Development Charges (DC) are reduced within the defined Downtown Hamilton Community Improvement Project Area and developers are also provided with the option to receive an additional exemption of 10% of the municipal development charges in this area where a dollar for dollar contribution is made to the Downtown Public Art Reserve.


Explore the incentives and programs available to BIA businesses through the City of Hamilton

The Business Improvement Area Commercial Property Improvement Grant Program (BIA CPIG)

The Commercial Property Improvement Grant Program (CPIGP)

Hamilton Tax Increment Grant Program

The Hamilton Downtown, Barton and Kenilworth Multi Residential Property Investment Program

The Commercial Corridor Housing Loan and Grant Program

The Office Tenancy Assistance Program

The Hamilton Heritage Property Grant Program

Hamilton Community Heritage Fund Loan Program

The Hamilton Heritage Conservation Grant Program

For any additional information on municipal programs please visit the city’s Invest In Hamilton page.




The Downtown Update is the e-newsletter sent by the Downtown Hamilton Business Improvement Area to keep both members of the BIA and interested supporters of Downtown up-to-date with activities and issues in the core of our community.