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Part 19

Treat Yo’ Self Day: Hamilton Style!

Here is a clip from Parks and Recreation that introduces the concept of Treat Yo’ Self Day.

If you are a fan of the television series Parks and Recreation, it is likely that you understand the significance of tomorrow’s date. For those that are unaware, October 13th has been appointed Treat Yo’ Self Day by two of the show’s main characters, Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle. They use this day as an excuse to buy themselves a variety of extravagant goods without any limits or feeling any guilt. Each year they treat themselves to clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas and fine leather goods, gleefully declaring it as the best day of the year. While we obviously do not have access to the same stores that Donna and Tom visit in the fictional town of Pawnee, this is not to say that you cannot celebrate Treat Yo’ Self Day with the same style and enthusiasm as the characters in the show. There are plenty of incredible businesses in the downtown core that will allow you to take part in your own version of Treat Yo’ Self Day, Hamilton style!

The first item that Donna and Tom buy during Treat Yo’ Self Day is clothes, and thankfully this is a very easy item to source in the downtown core. One incredible option where you are sure to find some hidden gems for your own Treat Yo’ Self Day is Upcycled Aviary, located at 111 King Street East. This is a second-hand store that focuses on improving sustainability in the fashion industry, with a deep commitment to reusing, recycling and upcycling clothing. They offer both vintage garments and upcycled clothing from film and television productions, meaning that buying from Upcycled Aviary on your very own version of Treat Yo’ Self Day is a treat for both you and the environment. Upcycled Aviary allows you to refresh your closet in a sustainable way, and you will be sure to find some article of clothing that makes you feel as happy and luxurious as Donna and Tom. You can find more information about Upcycled Aviary and shop online here, and then follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

The next item in the Treat Yo’ Self Day itinerary is fragrances, and there are a variety of unique items in the downtown core that you can use to fulfill this category.  One incredible business that you should make an effort to visit on Treat Yo’ Self Day is Ark Collective, located at 58 James Street North. This BIPOC-owned collective will expand on the typical options that first come to mind when thinking of fragrance. One product they sell that would be a perfect option for the fragrance category is their Lavender Pouches by SBK Décor, with the calming lavender scent guaranteed to be a treat for you. They also have a variety of candles that are sure to be perfect for this category, including their Ibo candle and Sunday Morning candle. For the final product that can be used to satisfy the fragrance category, Ark Collective has a collection of body butters that are sure to smell delicious, with a sugar cookie and choco-latte scent. Buying any of the incredible products that Ark Collective offers is an opportunity to treat yourself, and their fragrant products will be the perfect choice for your own version of Treat Yo’ Self Day. You can visit them on their website here, and then follow them on Instagram.

The next item on Donna and Tom’s itinerary is massages, and this is one category where you will have to get creative. While there is no massage clinic in the downtown core, you can honor the treat yourself attitude at Skin Vitality Medical Clinic, located at 25 Main Street West, suite #101. Skin Vitality Medical Clinic provides a variety of nonsurgical cosmetic medical treatments, allowing you to treat yourself and take care of your body at the same time. While they do not offer simple massages, they offer a variety of services that reflect that same idea of pampering yourself and your body, including clear + brilliant skin resurfacing, medical grade peels and customized skincare. You can find more about Skin Vitality and a full list of their services by visiting their website here, and then follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Another possible option is to visit Happy Nails, located at 8 James Street North, as manicures and pedicures reflect that same idea of treating yourself to a pampering session. You can book an appointment by calling Happy Nails at 905-540-9088.  

Treat Yo’ Self Day would not be complete without mimosas, the next item on Donna and Tom’s list. Thankfully The French, located at 37 King William Street, offers mimosas and is the perfect stop for a day filled with treating yourself. You can find mimosas on their brunch menu, available Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. The brunch menu comes with two courses, choosing from a variety of appetizers and mains. In addition to fabulous mimosas, you can choose from appetizers like beet salad, avocado toast and smoked salmon toast, and mains such as eggs benedict, duck waffles, and croquemonsieur. The French is a delicious and up-scale restaurant that you will be sure to enjoy and find delicious, acting as the perfect place to treat yourself in style. You can view The French’s entire menu on their website here, and then follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The final item on Tom and Donna’s Treat Yo’ Self Day itinerary is fine leather goods, and thankfully there is a staple of the downtown core that provides just that.  Leathers, located at 157 King Street East, provides a truly amazing variety of leather goods, ensuring that you will certainly find something with which to treat yourself. They offer a variety of leather clothing pieces like jackets, coats, pants and boots, and then accessories like belts, wallets, gloves, hats and purses. Leathers was established in 1973, and the longevity of this business is a testament to the quality and customer service. You can find their website and shop online here, and then visit them on Facebook.

These are only a select few businesses in the downtown core that can be used for a Hamilton-style Treat Yo’ Self Day, based on the already established categories from the show. You do not need to follow these categories if they are not something that interests you, instead choosing to honor the spirit of the day with things that you enjoy. At the heart of Treat Yo’ Self Day is simply making time to do things that you enjoy and treating yourself in ways that you don’t always allow. There are a variety of incredible places in the downtown core that you can use to treat yourself on October 13th and every day after that, ranging from retail shopping to restaurants and personal care services.

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